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Empowering Self Healing

Guiding you to reawaken your body's innate ability to heal itself


Firstly, I'd like to acknowledge you for taking the first step to change your life. If you are reading this, you are here because there is some part of you who believes in possibilities. I am here to walk alongside you to bridge the gap between you and those possibilities

About Sansan

Following months of emotional upheaval of losing my business and marriage, I awoke one morning with double-vision. Over the subsequent weeks and months I was diagnosed with Grave’s Ophthalmopathy, Myasthenia Gravis, and Nephrotic Syndrome.

With my first-hand experience of self-healing, qualifications and studies from teachers like Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Gabor Maté, I am now at your service to show how you too can heal your own body and mind.


Services are delievered in person or online

Compassionate Inquiry®

Using Somatic Psychotherapeutic Approach, I help you reveal what lies beneath the appearance you present to the world.

We will work together to bring you back closer to the truth, the authentic you who is liberated and lives the life you desire

Kinesiology & Mind-Body Medicine

Many of us live unconscious lives whereby we behave or be a certain way and we identify it as part of our personality. "It's just the way I am. That's just me”.

As a kinesiologist and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner, I work with you holistically to help you discover your subconscious beliefs.


I teach simple yet powerful meditations tailored to what your purpose is. A lot of the time we cannot change the reasons for stress in our environment.

But, you will learn how to respond in stressful situations and you’ll feel empowered to navigate through challenges around you.

Vibrational Medicine

To facilitate your self-healing, I apply Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy, Organ & Meridian Theories,
Somatic Psychotherapeutic approach to counselling, and Meditation, along with my intuition.

Nature always provides us with all we need.

I use the following modalities to support the treatments in clinic as well as home integration
to bring your body and mind back to harmony

Acupuncture Point Balance

Chakra Balance

Sound Healing

Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Flower Essence

Crystal Therapy

Kind Words

Highly recommended, an excellent facilitator combining various techniques that I have been interested in. Took me to a lot of different places than what I normally work with (EFT and some others) and touched on many core issues.

Even Gregor
New York

Within the first few minutes of my first session, I felt the energy shift, and suddenly things I thought I had dealt with years back were surfacing. Only this time, I wasn't afraid to face them head-on & feel every bit of emotion that came with them.
Niniveh Georges

I had a very sore infection under my arm which had been there for a few weeks. It completely healed by the morning. I honestly could not believe it.It was like magic. If you are looking for a skilled, warm and compassionate healer. She is amazing!!!

Tim Goble